Battle Royale LIVE

School Holiday Special - Play Battle Royale in the Forest

Have you played Fortnite?
Now you can experience the video game "Battle Royale" LIVE.

Hugely popular this survival-game style can now be played in the real world.

This school holidays you can experience Battle Royale LIVE. While you can play solo (free for all) or in duos this winter holidays we will be playing in squads.

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Battle Royale Game LIVE

A team of gamers go head to head against up to 6 other squads. While the classic squad has 4 gamers you can actually have more people on each team, depending on how many book in.

The live version of this classic Battle Royale game will take place in the Hinterland rainforest. It is a winner-takes-all show-down.

How Will The Battle Royale Session Play Out?

We will be running 4 x 15 minute games across a 2 hour session.

In the 15-minute game we will set the box to provide 10 minutes of respawns so that every gamer is guaranteed to play most of the game. So during the first 10 minutes the scenario will be about jockeying for position and then the last 5 minutes as the field really shrinks will be a final shoot-out to see who will be the last gamer standing!

Just like in the Battle Royale video game players start off in a big battlefield and as the time goes on, then the safe zone shrinks.

If a player is outside the safe zone they will automatically take damage. This draws all the players together for an intense show-down.

The school holiday sessions will be hosted as Thunderbird Park.

Wednesday July 4th 2pm – rego at 1:30pm
Thursday July 5th 2pm – rego at 1:30pm
Friday July 6th 2pm – rego at 1:30pm
Saturday July 7th 10am - rego at 9.30pm
Sunday July 8th 10am - rego at 9.30pm
Wednesday July 11th 2pm – rego at 1:30pm
Thursday July 12th 2pm – rego at 1:30pm
Friday July 13th 2pm – rego at 1:30pm
Saturday July 14th 10am - rego at 9.30pm
Sunday July 15th 10am - rego at 9.30pm 

Loved It!
"Loved it. The new “Battle Royale” mode was a huge hit with my son who is a massive Fortnite fan." Grant

Want to experience Battle Royale LIVE this school holidays? Book your tickets today - phone 1300 666 559. Better still, pre-pay and get a big discount. Tickets are limited. Call today (or complete the form above).