Access Guide for Laser Skirmish players

Laser Skirmish is committed to providing suitable access for our guests, whatever their individual needs may be. In this guide, we have outlined our facilities and services to give our guests info to enjoy the best possible experience whilst meeting their specific requirements.
Download our Access Statement (Laser Skirmish @ Thunderbird Park), click here. 

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Laser Skirmish Pathway & Playing Area
• The Laser Skirmish HQ area is approximately 150m walk from the main car park. The path is gravel on a slope that is between approximately 10꙳ and 20꙳ gradient. While it is not too rough, it is not a paved pathway. Guests also must navigate an easy-access cross on a flat causeway across Little Creek.
• The playing area is approximately 3 acres of natural rainforest, with pathways and walking tracks of various surfaces, varying from dirt, concrete, stone, and gravel. These outdoor trails are uneven in places. The jungle is not suitable for standard wheel chair access. Laser Skirmish walkways have varying gradients and widths, as per the natural contours of the land. NOTE: there are tripping hazards, so players need to be careful.
• The Laser Skirmish HQ is clearly signed

Accessibility Info



Please check our online calendar for dates/times of public events. Players get a discount on their tickets when they prepay (at least 2 business days prior to their event).
• Guests are invited to book a private group booking for special events. (Subject to availability.)
• We can adjust the game play in line with the private groups’ needs, such as changing the volume on the taggers, set to different languages, or the selection of which games to play.  


Membership Forms 

Players need to sign a Membership Form prior to play. Anyone under 18 needs to ask their Parent/Guardian to sign on their behalf. (Please hand these in on the day of your event to the C.O.)
• Players need to wear long pants past their ankles, such as jeans. Leggings and tights are not sufficient. Players can rent a camo coveralls for a small fee.
• Players need to wear closed-in toed shoes. If they have hiking books, wear them. If not, runners are ok.


Staff Training  

Staff are provided full company training and are competent. They are focused on ensuring all guests receive the most memorable experience possible.
• The majority of staff carry 2-way radios as means of communication. If they are unsure of an answer to a question, a quick call can gather the appropriate and accurate response.
• All staff are issued with Working with Children Blue Cards. 


Concessions, Carers & Companions 

• For school groups, a teacher may play for free for every 25 students booked.
• For other carers, please call the Bookings Office to discuss your needs.  


• Self-drive Destination.
• Or door to door service, as well as covenant transit locations Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise to Thunderbird Park supplied by "Escape Shuttles". The service is a pre booked service (no booking, service doesn't run).
• The central parking area has allocated parking for more than 100 cars, including a dedicated Bus / Coach park
• There is also an accessible drop-off zone close to the main entrance of the Cedar Creek Lodges Reception Building

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