Laser Skirmish Forms

Download the Laser Skirmish Membership Form.

All participants need to complete a Membership Form. Anyone who is under 18 needs to ask their Mum or Dad (or legal guardian) to sign the form on their behalf. Over 18s can sign one for themselves.  If you have any questions, please email us for more information.  Call to book PH: 1300 666 559 (or 0432058910).

Here's the laser skirmish membership form:

Just fill out the form & we'll get back to you. Plus we'll send you the FREE "7 Tips for Birthday Party Fun" checklist.

Call to Book 1300 666 559 or use this & we'll call you

 Other Laser Skirmish Forms

Here are some other Laser Skirmish forms that may be useful. 

laser skirmish fun

Top Notch Fun for All
"I was dreading the birthday party for our 9 year old. What to do with a group of boys for three hours? Laser Skirmish was easy and top notch fun for all. The kids dressed up in camo gear and just ran and ran. They all loved it and now our 10 year old can't wait to have a birthday party so that we can do it all again." Alison B.