Laser Skirmish Gaming Guns

Play with these Laser Skirmish gaming guns inside or outside.

Laser Skirmish is supplied its gaming guns from Battlefield Sports. Manufacturer of the original brand of outdoor laser tag. Call to book PH: 1300 666 559 (or 0432058910).

Our laser skirmish equipment has a fun, high-tech edge. Laser Skirmish gaming guns have no projectiles, no paint. We have a range of laser skirmish models in our arsenal:

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Cobra Phaser

This model is small and made from polycarbonate (rather than metal). So it is light enough to be used by players 5 years and older. It is good for either indoors or outdoors. It comes standard with a red dot scope which enhances the game-play. Laser Tag with the Cobra creates fun thrills for both youngsters and teens, boys and girls. They'll have a ball and be raving about you! The Cobra laser tag phaser is built tough & built for fun.

Or for the very young ask us about the super light-weight Blaster Phaser.

Scorpion SMG

The Scoropion SMG is a great choice for your Laser Tag equipment. Real life video game: boost your next children's party with all the fun, adventure and tactics. The Scorpion is our most popular & one of our most versatile models. Laser Skirmish is the perfect party choice for children who love to get active. Teams of up to 100 kids (50 vs 50) can work together to win laser team challenges. It is great for either indoor or outdoors and, in particular, Close Quarter Battles (CQB). In fact, since it does not have a protruding barrel it is ideal for mobile laser tag events like school fetes.

laser skirmish scorpion smg

Other Gaming Gun Models

Check out the Battlefield Sports web site for the full range of laser tag equipment, click here.

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We have thousands of people having fun at our battlefields each year. Here's what just a few of our customers said.

"The staff are amazing. The new technology is incredible and loads of fun. As always big shout out to Plan and his team. As you guys do an amazing job.."
Thomas Thurlow

Absolutely Loved It!
"We were all very pleased with the event last time. It went very well. They absolutely loved it - so we want to arrange another day for them. I hope you also were pleased with the session. Ok so thank you again, and I will keep in touch."
Linda Forbes, Logan City Community Cadets

Had a Great Time.
"Hi, Our Carnival has now come and gone, leaving in its wake a large number of very happy young people from around Australia and New Zealand, and a small number of satisfied but tired organisers. Thank you so much for all your assistance. The children who engaged in Laser Tag had a great time. Your arrangements helped ensure that everything went smoothly. Wishing you continuing success. With kind regards" Tony, Co-Director Sports, Maccabi Junior Carnival