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Milsim - Tactical Laser Tag

Tickets are limited. Pre-pay to secure your spot.  Call: PHONE 1300 666 559 to Book.

This is a special event. Want to test your mettle? Challenge yourself and your buddies. This is a tactical laser skirmish experience. This event is for gamers 18 years or older. 

TACTICAL laser tag
laser tag sniper

[SCENARIOS] Special ticket prices for milsim gamers.
* Gamers = $25pp (pre-paid)
* Gamers with their own Battlefield Sports laser tag guns: SATR3.6+ software = $20pp (pre-paid) 
In order to secure your spot you need to pre-pay.
Rego = 4pm
Games Start = 4.30pm (approx)
Session Ends = 6.30pm (approx) 

Military Simulation Missions

Play using the new SATR "Royale LIVE" theme in the Battlefield Sports' laser tag system.


Domination Games

A series of warm up games. If you haven't played before, this is your chance to get familiar with the laser tag equipment. We will divide the group into two. The primary objective is to capture and hold the Domination Box. Gamers need to get to the "Supply Crates". They act as secondary objectives. This is vital because the Supply Crates issue better weapon emulations, aids (such as bandages & medical kits), and ammunition. 



Level up your live gaming. This is a classic, but tactical, Team Death Match. This is two teams. The objective is to rack up more kills than the op-for. Again there will be Supply Crates. You'll need to reach these to achieve your objective. You might be lucky and get LEGENDARY BOOST JUICE which gives you up to 100HP and 100 Shield Points and you can keep fighting! (Shield Points act as additional Hit Points.) 


Battle Royale

This is a game of attrition. Only the bold will survive. We are playing in squads. Minimum of four squads, up to 7. The winning squad is the one which has the last gamer alive. The battlefield field will shrink during the 8 minute mission. Any player outside the AO (area of operation or gaming circle) will take 20HP every 5 seconds. As the radition sets in this forces the players into a close quarters battle. Gamers will need to search out Supply Crates which will be hidden across the battlefield. 

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