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Laser Skirmish Armoury

Here at Laser Skirmish we have Australia's biggest laser tag armoury. In most sessions gamers can select which model gaming gun they'd like to play with. 

blaster smg

The Blaster

The Blaster SMG is the smallest model we have in our arsenal. It is ideal for young kids from 5 and up because of its light weight. 

cobra smg

The Cobra

The Cobras SMG is our most popular model on our laser skirmish fields. 

spitfire machine pistol


The Spitfire machine pistol is a compact metal gaming guns. A popular choice. 

honey badger

Honey Badger PDW

The Honey Badger (or HB14) is one of the most popular models in our arsenal. Best for teen or adult gamers. 

P90 personal defense weapon


A modern classic - the P90 personal defense weapon. 

morita SAW

Morita SAW

For those who really want to bring out the big guns, select the Morita Squad Automatic Weapon. 

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