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Laser Skirmish for Bucks Parties

Short on time? Need to organize a Buck's Party for your best mate and your buddies? Relax! We've got you. Call us to see what we can do for you PH: 1300666559

Bucks & Hens Do

This is your one-shot - take it! Considering a combined Stag & Hen's Event? Think Paintball without the bruises. You can live out your action hero fantasies! ;-)


Choose Your Weapon

We've got sniper rifles and carbines and sub-machine guns. 


Book & Pre-pay

Get a big discount when you pre-pay for your tickets into a public session. Or go the whole-hog and arrange a private group event.


Add Camo

Add camoflauge outfit rental. Throw in camo paint. Arnie eat your heart out.

Get A Free Quote

Planning a Bucks Party? We'd love to entertain your crew! Perfect for groups from 6 or more. Complete the form and we will get back to you with some info about a stress-free celebration.

Ask us about availability, options & pricing.

Bucks & Stag Parties

Yes. We play "VIP Escort". This is your chance to shoot the Buck and get away with it.

Go at your own pace. You can do a kamikazi run or you can hang back and sniper the lot of them. 

Bookings essential. Please call to book on 1300 666 559.


What a Combo 
"Awesome day. What a combo, we did laser skirmish and high-ropes as a combined Buck's and Hen's Party. It was brilliant, thank you."


No Evidence 
"It was a thrilling event. We let the Buck have it, but left no evidence. No really, it was good clean fun."


Add Ons: Trophies & Camo

Get competitive and include some trophies for the best sniper shot or shooting accuracy. Look the part, book in camo outfit rental.
Bucks Party can enjoy Laser Skirmish at Mt Cotton, Samford, Mt Crosby, or Tamborine. Join one of our public sessions or get serious and book a private event (ask us for prices).
Here's what you get:

*  Game Director (C.O.) & Professional Referees at our bush battlefields
* Add Camouflage rental - coveralls or a shirt to wear while playing (great photo opportunity - bring your smart phone - #laserskirmish).
* Participants must wear long pants & covered shoes.
* Special Session approx 2 hour experience including a Mission Briefing, Kit Up, Organising Teams & Tactics and 3 or 4 x missions / games.
* Click here for prices

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