Crossbow Skirmish & Fantasy Mission

Tickets are limited. Pre-pay to secure your spot.  Call: PHONE 1300 666 559 to Book.

Don't miss out on this special event! Be one of the first to experience crossbox battles and epic fantasy missions. This event will be held at Thunderbird Park.
Please note this event consists of trial games so players must agree to be photographed or filmed. This event is for gamers 18 years or older. 

crossbow battles
electronic crossbows

[COSPLAY] Special ticket prices for cosplayers.
* Gamers in Cosplay = $20pp
* Gamers in Cosplay as Monsters = $15pp
* Other gamers = $25pp
In order to secure your spot you need to pre-pay.
Rego = 4pm
Games Start = 4.30pm (approx)
Session Ends = 6.30pm (approx) 

Fantasy Missions

New: Play using the "Battlefield Fantasy" theme in the Battlefield Sports' laser tag system.


Treasure Hunt

A sereis of warm up games. If you haven't played before, this is your chance to get familiar with the laser tag equipment. We will divide the group into two, with a mix of monsters & adventurers.



Level up your live gaming. The team that has “lost” the first Treasure Hunt is now the “attacking” team. They are the Raiders. After the first round, they swap and do it again. Players will retain their weapon emulations, potions and items from the previous game but be fully healed.


EVIL Sorcerer: Scenario Game

Monsters vs Adventurers. Adventurers your quest is to slay an Evil Sorcerer who has made their home in the Outlands. You must vanquish the monsters. Make no mistake, these monsters are hard to kill and very dangerous. Only the bold will survive.

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