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You can play Laser Skirmish games indoors or outdoors. Laser Skirmish has developed a wide range of games. You win (or lose!) as a team. 

Our Sessions

The team at Laser Skirmish have been running and refining our games and technology since 1999.
We have the most advanced technology available in South East Queensland and have the experience to ensure your group has the most amazing experience. 

If you don't want to book in a session at Mt Cotton (Brisbane) or Mt Crosby (Ipswich) or Tamborine (Gold Coast Hinterland) locations. Then consider renting a set and playing at your place! Find out more at Laser Tag in a Box

Heroes made here! With games inspired by popular video games like Call of Duty and Fortnite, we transform these classics into an outdoor adventure.

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Ready? Aim... Fun! Go for an exhilarating day out. This is a unique laser skirmish experience.

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We have been running team building, team bonding, and work Christmas parties for more than 20 years. Boost teamwork with some fun outdoor games. Encourage the entire team to get involved (no risk of bruises from the paintball.)

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Our school sessions are run with students, parents, and teachers in mind. The terminology we use is family friendly, players "tag" and "deactivate" each other. The sound effects are like a sci-fi "phaser".

A standard laser skirmish school session will have four games: two rounds of "Capture & Hold" (called Domination below), then two rounds of "Team Elimination" (called Team Death Match below).

When booking a school group, teachers play for free. 

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Our most popular mission for corporate groups, this mission is all about the cash!

You want to have the most amount of cash in your vault at the end of the game.

There will be a money drop in the centre of the field. Every ten seconds it will be supplied with more cash. Shoot the box to grab the cash, then head back to your team's vault to deposit it.

Or, you can be sneaky and steal the cash from an enemy vault!


Electronic Capture the Flag

This isn't your grandparent's capture the flag.

To score a point you will need to do the following feat: run to the other team's flag box, shoot it, then run all the way back to your box and return the e-flag - all without dying. Get ready to duck, weave and run!

A team can have multiple flags in play at the same time, and the game doesn't end when the first flag is returned. Instead, you want to score as many points as you can before the game ends.


Battle Royale

This is a classic mission popularised once more by Fortnite and over video games. It's a winner takes all show-down.

Players start off in a big battlefield and as the time progresses, the safe zone shrinks. During the first part of the scenario it is about jockeying for position and collecting supplies from supply crates. Then, in the last few minutes, the field really shrinks will be a final shoot-out to see which last team will have the last gamer standing!



We play this game in almost every session we run. It's super popular and gets you straight into the action. Every second is just as important as the last.

As a team, you will want to capture the box (by shooting it) and then hold it for as long as possible. One second = one point.

Players can tell which team is in control by the colour of the light flashing. If the light is flashing red, then red team is in control. If it is flashing blue, then blue team is in control.

When the mission ends, the box announce the winner.


Team Death Match

The game objective is to shoot the opponents on the other team as much as possible while ensuring your team doesn’t die in the attempt. In other words: tag them more than they tag you!

Gamers keep your eyes open and keep a look out for any and all opposition.

Players get unlimited re-spawns from their team's base. Each time a player is killed that is one more point to the opposition.



We had a great day!
"Just a short note to let you know how much the kids and parents appreciated and enjoyed LASER SKIRMISH. The dads were hot and bothered when they finished but couldn't stop talking about the battle when we found a place to stop and have lunch. I will certainly recommend you to anyone (as I have already!) Thank you once again

Park Ridge Junior Soccer.

Love IT!
"Let me tell you how much our children LLLLOOOOVVVEEEE laser skirmish :-)"


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