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Raiders & Ghouls - Halloween 

Tickets are limited. Pre-pay to secure your spot.  Call: PHONE 1300 666 559 to Book.

Love Halloween? Get thrilled this year with a sepcial event at Laser Skirmish @ Thunderbird Park. Enter the jungle 
Battle ghouls 
It's Raiders vs Ghouls 
This event is for gamers 15 years or older 


[COSPLAY] Special ticket prices for cosplayers.
* Standard Pre-paid Tickets = $25pp
* Pre-paid Tickets for Raiders in Cosplay = $20pp
* Pre-paid Tickets for Gamers in Cosplay as Ghouls = $15pp

Rego = 1630
Games Start = 1700 (approx)
Session Ends = 1900 (approx) 

ghouls vs raiders

Horror Missions

Play "Battlefield UNDEAD" using the Battlefield Sports' laser tag system: LARP.


Choose Your Character
(Subject To Change)

* Fireman: HP25 | Flamer Thrower & Combat Rifle | Armor = Fire Proximity Suit
* Doctor: HP15 | Knife & First Aid & Medical Park
* Police Officer: HP15 | Browning GP35-HP & Taser
* Street Punk: HP25 | Zip Gun & Baseball Bat | Armour = Motor Bike Helmet
* Hardware Manager: HP20 | Chain Saw & Crow Bar
* Bow Hunter: HP20 | Short Bow & Combat Knife
* Veteran: HP30 | Katana & Colt M1911
* Ghouls: HP30 | "Fingers" (melee attack) 


Multi-way Domination

Up to 6 teams of Raiders, the 7th team are the Ghouls. Each time needs to try and dominate an objective.


Heist / Raid

Up to 6 teams of Raiders, the 7th team are the Ghouls. To gain loot a team must get a player alive to one of the boxes and have a key.
To collect the key (shoot the battle box) and then they will have the virtual "Key 1". That player must shoot "Box marked Key 2". Then with that second key they can open the centrally located Treasure Box and collect the money. That player can deposit this loot into their Vault. All boxes will refresh every 30 seconds, so for 30 seconds after a key is taken, another team cannot collected. All boxes are set to G team so they Ghouls don’t accidently collect anything. VICTORY CONDITIONS: The Team with most money in their Vault 

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