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Laser Skirmish Games

You can play Laser Skirmish games indoors or outdoors. Laser Skirmish has developed a wide range of games. You win (or lose!) as a team.

boys playing laser skirmish

Our Sessions & Games

The team at Laser Skirmish have been running and refining our games and technology since 1999.

We have the most advanced technology available in South East Queensland and have the experience to ensure your group has the most amazing experience.

This session uses simple settings with age appropriate terminology. Normally we run two simple 15-minute Domination games with a short drinks break between each.

First we run two rounds of Domination. These include supply crates. There is a drinks break between each round of Domination.

Next is two rounds of Battle Royale squads where each team starts at a supply crate.

The final round is Free for All Battle Royale to find the ultimate survivor.
Battle Royale is a slower sneaky game as there are no respawns which makes this the ideal mission to run during the hotter summer months. 

First we run two rounds of Domination including supply crates changing ends after the first round. Once both Domination games are complete, we have a drinks break for 10 minutes.
After the drink’s break we will run either
• Electronic Capture the Flag (especially on cooler days)
• Team Death match with centrally located supply crates. 

Our corporate sessions run Heist as standard. Heist can be run with up to 7 teams all in the same battle.
If you prefer 2 teams:
* we will run a warm up round of Domination with 2 supply crates
* then we will run two rounds of Heist.
If you have 3 or more teams:
* we will run multiple Heist missions

Contact us beforehand if you would prefer different mission options so we can prepare properly for your event.

Our sessions for school groups focus on fun and inclusiveness. Unless requested, School sessions are run with age appropriate settings and terminology. These are 
Format is
* 2 x Domination games (no supply crates)
* 1 or 2 Team Death Match games (one only in summer, 2 in winter) 

girls playing laser skirmish

Laser Skirmish Games


Battle Royale

This is the live version of this classic Fortnite video game. It is a winner takes all show-down.

Just like in the Battle Royale video game players start off in a big battlefield and as the time progresses, the safe zone shrinks. During the first part of the scenario it is about jockeying for position and collecting supplies from supply crates and then the last few minutes as the field really shrinks will be a final shoot-out to see which last team will have the last gamer standing!



Our most popular mission this is played at almost all of our sessions. 

Domination missions normally run for 15 minutes. A "Domination box" is placed in the middle of the battlefield. (For larger groups we will place 3 Point Domination, so there will be 3 Domination Boxes.)

Gamers need to shoot the box to take control of it. The team that has the most amount of time at the end of the game wins.

Unlimited respawns are available at each team's base. The medic boxes will provide the re-spawns. Players can tell which team is in control by the colour of the light flashing. If the light is flashing red, then red team is in control. If it is flashing blue, then blue team is in control.

When the mission ends, the box will issue a SFX announcing the winner. Gamers can also tell which team has won by the colour of the flashing light.  


Capture the Flag

This is the laser skirmish version of the classic game. We've taken capture the flag and brought it into the 21st century!

Capture the Flag missions usually run for 15 minutes. Each team has a flag box. To score a point you need to shoot the other team’s flag box, then without being killed, get back to your flag box and shoot it.

When you shoot the opposition’s flag box your gaming gun will issue a sound effect ‘flag captured’. When you successfully return a flag to your flag box your gaming gun will say “flag returned”.

A team can have multiple flags in play at the same time. When a gamer has a flag, both hit lights in the head sensor will be flashing. If you see an opposition gamer with a flag, try to kill them before they get away. Unlimited respawns are available from your team's base. 


Team Death Match

It's time for the classic team death match. Will your team come out on top?

The Team Death Match game usually run for 15 minutes. The game objective is to shoot the opponents on the other team as much as possible while ensuring your team doesn’t die in the attempt. In other words: tag 'em more than they tag you!

If Supply crates are included, these will be centrally located and are so important they act like secondary objectives.

Players get unlimited re-spawns from their team's base. Each time a player is killed that is one more point to the opposition. 



Get in quick! This game is all about stealing money. Inspired by classic heist movies, everyone is a hero in this game. 

With Heist the goal for a team is to have as much virtual money in their Vault when the mission ends. Centrally located is the Money Drop box; it gains money over timer. If a gamer shoots the money drop box, they collect all the money, they then need to deposit it back in their teams Vault by shooting it. If a gamer dies and was carrying money, the shooter gets half their money, the rest is lost. Gamers can also attempt to raid the other teams Vaults to collect money.

This mission can be run with 2 to 7 teams. 4 teams are ideal. Heist is a very strong team oriented game. Each teams needs defenders to stop other raiding their vault. They need the sneaky player that can get in close to the money drop box to collect money and they need people prepared to fight their way through to the other teams vaults to raid their money.  


Supply crates are one of our major innovations that takes our brand of Laser Skirmish to the next level.    

The great thing about supply crates is everything happens automatically as you need it, the player just needs to be alive for 15 seconds next to the box to collect all the current supplies. Supplies reset every 15 seconds.

A supply crate provides one random weapon emulation based on rarity level (common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary!), if the weapon is better than they currently have, the systems automatically changes to the new weapon. The best weapon is the legendary heavy assault rifle. The RPG’s and the grenade launchers use our advanced technology to do splash damage to neighbouring gamers! In games that include supply crates, gamers start with a common automatic pistol emulation except those that take the monster sniper rifles.

They will also get an aid. Aids include bandages, medical kit, shield boost and legendary boost juice. Each of these are automatically applied as required, so if the gamers health is low and they have a bandage, the system will say “Bandages applied” and after 4 seconds, the gamers health will increase by 16. Shield boost will provide shields which act like additional health. Damage is taken first on shields.

A random type of ammunition is also provided to the gamers.

Weapon emulations are retained between respawns (not games) but all aids and additional ammunition is lost when a respawn is taken.



We had a great day!
"Just a short note to let you know how much the kids and parents appreciated and enjoyed LASER SKIRMISH. The dads were hot and bothered when they finished but couldn't stop talking about the battle when we found a place to stop and have lunch. I will certainly recommend you to anyone (as I have already!) Thank you once again
Kerry from Park Ridge Junior Soccer

Love IT!
"Let me tell you how much our children LLLLOOOOVVVEEEE laser skirmish :-)"

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