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Safety & FAQ

Here at Laser Skirmish your safety is our priority. Laser Skirmish, while thrilling, is a safe activity. We have no paint, no mess, and no projectiles. The phasers emit infrared (just like a TV remote) so it is eye-safe.  

The game system has been built around a safe, robust and reliable high-tech infrared phasers.

Our gaming guns are formidable because they are made robust polycarbonate or from metal, so they look cool. Our small gaming guns are highly maneuverable.

For our full COVID-SAFE policy, click here. 

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  1. No lasers - Our Laser Skirmish system does not use real lasers. Rather that system emits infrared (like a TV remote).
  2. No Projectiles - The laser skirmish system does not shoot paint - so no bruises from getting hit.
  3. Cool SFX & LFX - Our laser skirmish system has loads of cool sound effects (SFX) and light (LFX) effects. In fact our new SATR3 system has more than 11,000 SFX. 

Laser Skirmish Safety

Yes. Laser Skirmish equipment emits a harmless and invisible beam of infrared light. With an effective range in up to 150 meters, realistic digitized sounds and multiple modes of fire this is technology with attitude! We have a selection of gaming guns for use. The gaming guns we use include: Scorpions, Commando Carbines & Cobra phasers. The size and weight of unit issued to you will depend on your age/size/fitness etc and will be evened up across the competing teams to make it balanced. The kit is the best available on the market. You'll love the sound effects! Laser Skirmish has public liability insurance. Rest assured we carry public liability insurance cover. 

You do not need to wear protective glasses to play laser skirmish. While the game is a called "Laser Tag" or "Laser Skirmish" are actually no lasers. In fact we use infrared, just like a TV remote control. So is it eye-safe. 

Laser Skirmish is not a formally supervised activity. Laser Skirmish recommends that a responsible adult supervises their children at all times. Parents are encouraged to play alongside their children (or are welcome to walk onto the field of play). Download & read the Membership Form, click here. Our gaming guns use a harmless infrared beam, like your TV remote, that tags sensors worn by players. Under the guidance of your C.O. (stands for Commanding Officer), players undertake different missions with game objectives such as Death Match, Domination (aka "Capture & Hold") as well as Capture the Base. Please note that Laser Skirmish does not offer formal child care. Rather it is the responsibly of each parent to supervise their child. Of course we do take care, we believe in "every game, every gamer." We recommend the following guidelines:

* Age up to 5 years: Parents play with their kids, with a parent within arm's reach
* Age 6 to 10: Recommend parents play with kids
* Age 11-14: Recommend at least one person over 16 play with the kids/teens. 

Yes. Download our Risk Assessment Pro-Forma, click here.

Yes. Laser Skirmish has a Certificate of Currency for our Insurance. Download it, click here.



"Amazing! Our kids had the most fabulous time. Cheers ..."

laser skirmish couple

Top Notch Fun for All
"I was dreading the birthday party for our 9 year old. What to do with a group of boys for three hours? Laser Skirmish was easy and top notch fun for all. The kids dressed up in camo gear and just ran and ran. They all loved it and now our 10 year old can't wait to have a birthday party so that we can do it all again." 

Alison B.

Laser Skirmish FAQ

Our laser skirmish guns emit infrared, just like your TV remote. So the beam of light is invisible and harmless. So there are no bruises from being hit. No pain, just a lot of fun. Unlike paintball, with laser skirmish you won't get bruises from being hit. No pain, just a lot of fun. You will know when you have been tagged because there are cool sound effects.

We allow players to arrive half an hour before the event and stay up to an hour after the event. If you want to be on site longer contact the office to see if this can be arranged. We request that you and your guests arrive 20-30 minutes prior to your event start time. This is to ensure that your laser skirmish experience begins on time and that none of your party-goers miss out on any of the fun.

For the venues Mt Cotton, Mt Crosby, and Samford you are welcome to bring your own picnic. 
For the venue at Tamborine Food and beverage should be purchased within the resort.
For all venues it is a good idea to bring a water bottle.

Yes. Bookings are essential for all sessions. Better still if you pre-pay you get a big discount. (Adults play at kids' prices.) Call us to book PH 1300 666 559.

Yes. We will play through the showers or rain, only pausing for a thunder or lightning storm if deemed unsafe. We will normally resume the game when storm has passed. All sales are final. No credit, refund, exchange, or compensation will be paid for persons not present at the date and time of the event, unless there is inclement weather click here, read our wet weather policy and see the full refund policy.

Everyone must wear long trousers, such as jeans, past their ankles.
Everyone must wear covered footwear. If you have hiking boots wear them, if not runners are okay. To take the advantage in the laser tag game rent camo outfits.

We have two options:
* Hire camo coveralls which go from your neck to your ankles (in this case arrive in t-shirt and shorts so you can pop the coveralls over the top).
* Or rent the camo shirt. You are welcome to wear your own fatigues, if you have them.

If you wear your own clothes then we recommend camouflage or neutral tones, so that it is not too easy for your opposition to spot you! I've seen one player come in a bright orange sweat-shirt, needless to say he was a good target!

It is a good idea to bring sun-screen or insect-repellent.


Loved It!
"Loved it. The new “Battle Royale” mode was a huge hit with my son who is a massive Fortnite fan."


An Exciting Fun Filled Afternoon
"Dear Sir, On behalf of the Laidley Junior rugby League Club, I would like to thank you for showing our Under 10 boys an exciting, full filled afternoon. Their only disappointment being, that their day had to come to an end. Your organization and execution of activities is a credit to you all and our boys are eagerly looking forward to participating again. I appreciate you waiting the few extra minutes until out last player arrived. Again, thank you for hosting the Under 10's break up party. Yours sincerely,"

Under 10's L JRL FC Manager (Qld Rugby League)

Is Laser Skirmish Safe?

Yes. Laser Skirmish is eye-safe. Despite being called "LASER skirmish" there are actually no lasers. Rather the system uses harmless infrared light, just like your TV remote. More, there are no projectiles unlike a gel blaser gun or paintball marker. Gel Blasters use water pellets, while small still can cause eye injuries. More, paintball markers use a more powerful paint pellet, and these are well known for causing bruises. Both require eye protection such as goggles or face masks. Further there is no age limit on playing laser skirmish, whereas in Queensland you need to be 15 years or older to play paintball.

More Laser Skirmish Questions

We recommend school age and up. We don’t have age restrictions but do recommend anyone under the age of six plays with their Mum or Dad at arm's length. All gamers need to have a Membership Form signed prior to play. If you are over 18 then you can sign the form yourself. Otherwise you need to ask your Mum or Dad (or carer) to sign it on your behalf. No form, no play.  We recommend that you have the Membership Form completed before arriving so you can save admin time! 

We welcome anyone to come along and play. However gamers play at their own risk, see our membership form for full details. We will make every effort to see that everyone is included. Also carers are welcome on the field to supervise if needed. 
To cater for kids with additional needs it might be better to consider our laser tag rental option, see our blog on the NDIS

Laser Skirmish at Mt Crosby and at Tamborine can cater for up to 100 players at a time. The minimum number of players to open a session is 6 but if a session is already open you can add in just one extra player.
We can cater for bigger groups at Mt Cotton and Samford. Please call for more info - PHONE 1300 666 559 

Yes. Laser Skirmish committed to providing suitable access for our guests, whatever their individual needs. Read our Accessibility Statement, here. 

Yes. We have a comprehensive refund policy based on every single forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology, read it here. If you have any questions about our refund policy please call our bookings office on PH 1300666559

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