Laser Skirmish for School Groups

Students love the thrill of laser skirmish games. Perfect for mid-week school field trips or school camps, or on campus incursions. Great for school fetes.

Laser Skirmish For School Groups. Whether you are from a High School, Middle School, Primary School, or other school group, Laser Skirmish is a fantastic idea for an outdoor activity-based learning experience.

We can run the activities with our professional Laser Skirmish referees. All you need to do is join in on the fun.

Or we can rent you the gear so there's no external personnel on campus. Just us  a call on 1300666559 to run through the options. 

Outdoor & Active Learning 

With Laser Skirmish we offer you an active learning environment. It's a perfect solution for a leadership day or end of the school term event. Teachers are often looking for something to get students excited and involved. Many students nowadays have tried:

* archery

* canoeing

* horse-riding, and

* ropes courses.

Teachers are looking for something different, something with less screen-time, but something that will engage the students. Nowadays, kids have sophisticated expectations. They seek something to challenge them. 

If you have single class of 20 students, or the whole school - we can cater for you!

In fact, large groups are our specialty, we can have 300 players at once! Book in a school group and we will handle everything [call us to find out more PH 1300 666 559

Mobile Laser Tag For School Fetes

The team from Laser Skirmish can set up an "instant" inflatable maze fete and run short, fun laser tag games for your school.
We come to your school. Our laser tag sets work indoors or outdoors. We can set up in the school gym or on a tennis court or the school oval (or even a treed area on campus). 
Game on! 
Our crew will run the fun team games. The equipment is simple to use and eye-safe. We also have public liability insurance.
This fun, interactive attraction has a high through-put. 20 kids can play at once. 

Here's what makes a fun mobile laser tag event.
* Space: We need an area minimum 20m x 20m is optimal. But we can squeeze into 10m x 20m. 
* Tickets: We recommend including the laser tag games be included in the attractions' wrist-band, but if not then we suggest $5 for a 5 minute game. 
* Position: For the laser tag to be success you will want to put the laser tag games in the centre of the action. 
* Power: We it is not 100% essential, it is great if we can access electricity during the set-up. 
* Access: We need access 2 hours prior to the fete kick-off to set up the maze and 1 hour afterwards to pack-down. We need vehicle access to the attraction's site so we can set-up. Parking near-by is also great.

Mobile laser tag is a terrific fundraising activity. We run a series of high-paced, short fun games at your school fete. Call us to see what we can do for your school: PH 1300666559

laser tag for school fete
Fun Laser Tag Attraction for your School Fete or Carnival
  • CHALLENGING EXERCISES FOR YOUR SCHOOL CURRICULUM - If you are the teacher of a school students nowadays you know it can be challenging to really engage schoolies in what you are studying. 
  • SCHOOL CAMP ACTIVITIES - All excursions have the games organised for you and everything is cleaned up by our staff. Or ask us about our rental option that's DIY on campus. (Teachers and cares are welcome to join in. Just ask us!) 
  • ESPRIT DE CORPS - Boost morale and school spirit. Develop a common spirit of comradeship, enthusiasm, and devotion to a cause among the members of the school. Inspire a "Carpe Deim" / "Seize the Day" attitude. 
  • GAMES TAILORED TO YOU - Focus the class on new school incentives or leadership goals, e.g. for a new Senior Year. Unite disparate classes, promote teamwork between the students, teachers & students. 

Why Laser Skirmish? Laser Skirmish is a great reward your class for achieving a mile-stone or having a successful year/quarter/month. Or simply launch as a new school year. Or even in the last week of school term to finish the semester on a high! 

Challenge your class to work together effectively and creatively. Tell us what you need and we will make it happen. 


laser skirmish mum

"All the kids had a great time, my son Liam has been multiple times and thoroughly enjoys it. He is back there this weekend :-) Thanks for providing the kids with a fun, safe and active environment to which they can live out their Xbox Games"


Complete Enjoyment.
"The boys are completely satisfied and overjoyed each and every time that we depart your premises. I know this, because my ears become red raw from the illustrious comments that the boys bellow at me - for hours - about their complete enjoyment by being at your establishment. Therefore, on behalf of the Boarders At Marist Brothers, I would like to say thank you for creating a fantastic, pleasurable and friendly environment, which has been an essential ingredient as to why the boarders at Ashgrove call Marist... home."


"I would like to thank you and Block for a fantastic day. It was a very successful exercise. The stunned silence from the group when I announced at morning tea the activity was incredible the smile on their faces after the activity was priceless! Regards..."

laser skirmish school fete

Response was Massive
"Thank you so much we booked the guns for our school fete and the response was massive. We were able to cycle heaps of kids through and it did not take long to turn around each match. Was so easy to book use and return. Great company to deal with thank you. Everything was so easy and great value."

Cathedral Primary School Fete


Here at Laser Skirmish we specialise in big groups. We can host cohort wide events. For example we run an annual event which has up to 300 youth playing at once!

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