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Wet Weather Policy

If the forecast is for rain on the day of your party, I understand a little anxiety can set in. Rest assured, we don’t want your child to miss out on their big day and your child’s safety is our priority. We operate in rain or shine to deliver the best Birthday ever! (Read on for more info.) 

Laser Skirmish Wet Weather Policy Explained

We have a “show must go on” attitude. Because our gear is commercial-grade our equipment works in the rain and there is no danger of electrical shocks. The fun continues as normal in light showers or even rain. 
In the event of a thunderstorm or lightning we are able to pause the game and bring everyone back to the armoury.

Storms typically move quickly and once it has passed, we can resume the game and everyone keeps their gaming statistics. No risk of losing a high score! 
Most players prefer the excitement of playing in the rain. Plus, we can provide rental of camo rain ponchos, not extra charge. 

For those who want to postpone, we do need notice by phone before noon the business day before the event. See our detailed Refund/Postponement Policy  

If your kids are like my son and they absolutely love jumping in muddy puddles. So, laser skirmish is the perfect opportunity for some outdoor fun!

I suggest just bring a towel, and maybe a change of clothes. Better still hire our camo coveralls and let us handle the washing.  

Each of our locations is slightly different but all have some shelter. On rainy days we will make every effort to make room under the marquees and shelters. If you want to bring your own marquee you are more than welcome to (excluding Thunderbird Park). At Mt Cotton, Samford and Mt Crosby we can make sure you can have vehicle access to set up the marquee.  

Having run laser tag games for 20+ years I can say with confidence that players love playing in the rain. It’s something different and memorable. Make sure to get photos. 

 If you have any other questions please call us PHONE: 1300 666 559  

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